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Questions & Answers

Q: Is it safe to order online?

A: Yes, and you can do it now...

Q: When can I purchase the WaterBasket?

A: Order today! Online as suggested above, or simply send an email to Will Tell me the best way to contact you and myself or one of our friendly staff will contact you and help you place an order.

Q: How much does a WaterBasket cost?

A: Just $49.99 each! Secure shipping and handling to protect your purchase requires an additional 15% ($7.49) and New York residents must add their applicable state and local sales taxes.

Q: Will my water service provider know about The WaterBasket Company?

A: They might, so feel free to ask them. If you would rather purchase from them, we are happy to make this possible. Simply request that they contact us on your behalf and we'll see that arrangments are made. If you do direct your water company to our us, we'll pass along a discount in our appreciation. Otherwise in the not too distant future we will be working with water service companies around the globe to allow more people to enjoy WaterBasket's beautifying features.

Q: What products and models are available?

A: Four different colors are available: Antique White, Natural, Red Oak and Chocolate. New models will be introduced as we progress. We encourage you to submit ideas and requests for special designs and colors. The WaterBasket Company is founded in innovation and will always gladly fill your requests as soon as possible.

Q: What do I get when purchasing a WaterBasket?

A: Each order ships one WaterBasket, a flower pot and liner dish and your FREE guide to selecting just the proper natural or artificial plant.

Q: How will I receive my WaterBasket after Order?

A: Your order ships in a sturdy box via UPS unless otherwise arranged. UPS ground is standard, but other express and carrier options for worldwide shipment can be discussed by contacting us. However, we cannot ship to Post Office Boxes, so you will need to provide a street address.

Q: I own a water delivery service, how do I best let my customers know about WaterBasket?

A: We encourage you to contact us today. In the near future we will be talking to water service companies around the globe so more people can enjoy WaterBasket. Be the first in your area to offer WaterBasket, contact us today!

Q: What types of plants are best suited to WaterBasket?

A: Each order ships with a FREE guide to selecting just the proper natural or artificial plant. As shown on this website, hanging plants look very beautiful; however you can try other styled plants; as well as placing fruit, snacks, promotional literature, cups or decorative items in the basket area.

Q: Will changing-out my water bottles require more time with WaterBasket in place?

A: Yes, but only about 30 seconds! Simply lift WaterBasket up off the bottle, set it aside and change-out the empty water bottle. Then replace the WaterBasket back over the new water bottle and you are done!

Q: What is next for The WaterBasket Company?

A: Along with new models, we also encourage you to submit both ideas and requests for special designs and colors. The WaterBasket Company is also developing other household and office designs. We will also be holding a competition for artist to see who can create the most interesting and entertaining WaterBasket designs. Please return to our site to watch for new ideas or to sign-up for our new product announcements. To get new updates, please send an message to