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After careful research and product development, The WaterBasket™ Company was founded in 2005 by Brett Truett.

Brett Truett

Starting from an early age, curiosity about how machines worked and their designs led Truett into the field of mechanical engineering. After attending college in upstate New York, Brett held various positions within manufacturing. With an ever inquiring mind, Truett worked to develop several patented solutions of his own.

With the help of his associates at SoftNoze USA Inc, they work to provide products to manufacturers worldwide. Highly focused on the business world, product innovation and a strong desire to create good-to-great jobs in the community, a unique business model emerged.

The WaterBasket™ Company is one of the resulting firms offering smart solutions and growing prosperity for the community. WaterBasket's operations are based in a 24,000 square foot, Erie Canal-era facility located in Historic Bagg's Square district in Utica, NY.

We hope you continue enjoying the healthful benefits of your water cooler and that you will soon discover the beautifying effect of WaterBasket™.

Connect with us at; WaterBasket™ on Facebook and WaterBasket™ on Pintrest. Thank you for visiting.

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The WaterBasket Company

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