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Beautify Your Water Cooler!

Have you heard the latest talk around the water cooler? It's all about the WaterBasket™

No, water bottles haven't moved, they're under the WaterBasket™- where your water is protected from damaging sun and rooms become more beautiful...

Watch the WaterBasket™ Transformation for yourself!

Thanks to WaterBasket™ both the look and versatility of your 5-gallon water cooler is quickly achieved. Easily upgrade the ambiance of any room, whether in the home, office, or breakroom!

Natural rattan is hand-woven onto a strong steel frame. Select from four different colors;

Antique White

Red Oak



These smart Water Cooler Bottle Covers make refreshing and healthy water not only convenient, but beautiful as well!

What Others Are Saying...

"Thanks to my new WaterBasket™, I can now enjoy the look of a woven basket and my beautiful plants, instead of that stark-looking water bottle." - C. MARIN, IL

"It's beautiful! We use a water cooler at home and it looks great in our kitchen- since I no longer have to look at scratched-up water bottles anymore!" - D. POLANZI, AZ

"I love my WaterBasket™, we place our cups and snacks right at the water cooler and it looks great." - K. GERLACH, NY

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