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Premium, handwoven rattan construction. Excellent durability due to a strong, metal frame...

WaterBasket: Premium, handwoven rattan construction

Observation slot allows easy water level checks...

WaterBasket: Observation slot allows easy water level checks

Handles provide for effortless and rapid bottle changing; the embedded metal frame means handles offer decades of service...

WaterBasket: Handles for effortless and rapid bottle changing

Upper compartment holds a flower pot and liner dish, both are included with your purchase...

WaterBasket: Liner dish separates the upper and lower water compartments

Current models fit standard, round, 5-gallon / 18.9 liter bottles...

WaterBasket: Illustrating 5-gallon bottle and WaterBasket fit-up

All these features add up to a new and beautiful result...

WaterBasket: features add up to a beautiful result

Use link, witness the Water Bottle Transformation for yourself! Then select from four different colors;

WaterBasket: Four different colors to select from- antique white, red oak, natural, or chhocolate

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