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(1) Bottle Water Cooler Cleaning & Sanitizing Guide

(2) 2018 Bottled Water Stats

(3) Minnesota Department of Health Bottled Water Questions & Answers

(4) Bottled Water Strategies to Reduce Sugar-sweetened Beverage Consumption

(5) Energy Star Qualified Bottled Water Coolers Requirements

(6) Bottled Water Know the Facts

(7) Bottled Water Industry Facts & Water Coolers

(8) Bottled Water & Beverage Consumption of Adults in Canada

(9) EPA: Bottled Water Basics, Water Coolers & Health

(10) Bottled Water Coolers, Hamilton Beach TTI, Use & Care

(11) Bottled Drinking Water, City of Chicago

(12) Bottled Water Industry, Urgent Need for Regulations

(13) Environmental Comparison: Bottled vs. Tap Water

(14) Global Bottled Water Associations

(15) World Bottled Water Consumption

(16) Perrier 2020 Bottled Water Quality Report

(17) Water Facts & Trends

(18) World Water Council, Investing for the Water Future

(19) White Paper: Quench; Benefits to Upgrading to a "Filtered" Water Cooler

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